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lukx offers up the heartfelt new single 'What if'

Over the last few years, Belgian rapper and artist lukx has been on an extremely prolific run. Knocking out a new single every few months since 2019, he sits as one of the more adventurous and dynamic names on the rise right now. And after already returning for 2023 with his highly-praised outings 'Hello' and 'Everyday', he is back once again with his heartfelt new single 'What If'.

Having already established himself as a wonderfully passionate name emerging on the scene, 'What If' sees him continue in that immersive vein with a wonderfully emotive return. Rapping mostly in his native Flemish tongue this time around, his newest effort sees him pursue a brilliantly alluring direction that blends fast and energetic beats with his more tender aesthetic.

Despite it being his third release of 2023 so far, 'What If' still manages to find and explore new and innovative ideas at every turn. As an artist that is always looking to break the mould wherever he can, he has certainly found a fresh and exhilarating preference here, resulting in one of his most tantalising cuts to date.

Enjoy 'What If' below.



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