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Luna Keller returns with the beautifully serene new single 'Woman In The Van'

Ever since she first emerged, German singer-songwriter Luna Keller has always looked to garner a more wistful and jovial approach to the folk-pop sound. With a wealth of bright and uplifting efforts under her belt already, she continues her sweet and tender direction on the beautifully serene new single 'Woman In The Van'.

Fresh off the back of her stunning outing 'The Philosopher' earlier this year, 'Woman In The Van' marks one of her most uplifting and captivating releases to date. With that rich and embracing voice layered amongst some wonderfully lofty acoustic-led production from start to finish, she is proving herself as one of the more compelling songwriters doing the rounds right now.

With such an incredible run of offerings throughout these last few years, including her vibrant studio album 'Prophecies And Silver Linings' in 2022, Luna Keller just never seems to have an off day. There is so much heart and emotion running throughout these delights, she continues to showcase some beautifully composed elements that cement her as one of Europe's most accomplished and enjoyable emerging artists.

Enjoy 'Woman In The Van' below.



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