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LYLE! reveals new single ‘My Gurlfriend’

Rising artist LYLE! shares unashamedly queer anthem ‘My Gurlfriend’. LYLE! takes a Funk-Pop sound with oscillated synths and trumpet fanfare and gives it a whole new lease of life. The artist’s sound is a concoction of hi-fi electronic production with the bombastic nature of contemporary jazz-funk. ‘My Gurlfriend’ is a groovy track that you will certainly have on repeat.

Talking about the new track, LYLE! shares: “My Gurlfriend was my attempt at a big classic queer anthem, which I felt well placed to make; yet the first couple of times I sat down, I wrote some over-thought rubbish that felt inauthentic and watered-down. After failed attempts at trying to say something that was universal, I ended up writing a song that was profoundly personal and singular, which is really what queerness is all about! Ironically, I later ended up realising that rather than a self-centred declaration of my own self and life, this was a song for almost everyone, for the lesbians and gays, for the bisexuals, and for the straight couples too! More and more I'm finding that everyone can get behind a good strap-on! The radio edit came up because I wanted to (naturally) get some radio play wherever possible; I focused on the female empowerment that the song provides, and so I changed the lyrics to 'My Gurlfriend she's the bad one, you better bet she's big and strong'. I feel strongly that we don't have enough popular music that represents women as these strong bad-asses that can withstand so much.”



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