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MĒAGAN SKY will make a lasting impression with new album "I’ll Be The One"

MĒAGAN SKY had to take a risk to get into the music industry - and we're very glad she did. Despite being a mother of twins, a wife, and successful business woman, she knew she had to fulfil her dreams and get into the music industry. Her unique sound has been lauded by tastemakers and fans alike, and she's looking to propel her success even further in 2023.

"I'll Be The One," Sky's latest offering, is an 8-tack album that will pick you up and take you on a journey. Merging R&B, soul and indie-pop together, the album features tonnes of notable moments and really showcases Sky's versatility as a songwriter. Title track "I'll Be The One" is just one of the tunes that Sky is emotionally attached too. Speaking about this she says: "It may not have looked like it, but inside I was falling apart. I hope “I’ll Be The One” will help others feel less alone on their self-love journey."

Speaking about the album, she says: “After spending years compromising myself to make others happy, I came to the tipping point where I had nothing left to give and I was forced to finally take care of myself. I realized the way I was living my life was based on emotional survival mechanisms that didn’t serve me anymore. It’s from this place that this album was born. Each song documents the journey I’ve gone through to find inner happiness on the road to self-love.”

With fantastic accolades and a growing fanbase, MĒAGAN SKY will smash 2023.



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