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Madison Steinbruck Poised to Release Latest Single "Australia's Lonelier" with Debut Album 1/27

"...the track [‘Bad News’] brings out the disappointment of knowing your relationship is ill-fated through a soundscape of melancholic beats, cello and electric guitar married by her soulful vocals.” - Earmilk

“Navigating between solitude, love and despair, Steinbruck finds solace in her pen, channeling a sense of self that is both introspective yet universally accessible. ” - Clash

Credit: Destiny Keller

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Madison Steinbruck returns with her latest track, “Australia’s Lonelier,” set for release January 27th along with her highly-anticipated debut LP Australia’s Lonelier. “This song is how I came to terms with my life not going the way I thought it would. It was the start of accepting my own feelings rather than fleeing,” Madison shares. Wistful lyrics call back to Tennessee as she ponders all that’s happening back home, lullaby-like vocals musing, “I run from myself / But I keep getting caught.”

Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Madison has been writing songs since she was very young. Raised amongst a big family, she was always surrounded by music. "My grandparents owned a venue with their family, called the ‘Purple Sage’, which is actually the title of one of the tracks on my upcoming album,” Madison shares. “They made up the house band. I never got to go to the venue since they sold it a few years after I was born, but I was always surrounded by wonderful musicians and I feel lucky that I had that influence."

A move to Nashville brought opportunity as a performer, and fed her passion. Before the pandemic she moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she took piano lessons and spent time writing Australia’s Lonelier while navigating life-changing heartbreak. Penning the title track was a titular moment for Madison.

It amazed me how I could pick up my entire life, move to another continent and disappear online, yet I still thought about this person all the time. I wrote [‘Australia’s Lonelier’] to let myself feel those emotions, because here I was in a foreign country with plans to have the best year of my life, and instead I was heartbroken and stuck in a house in the middle of a pandemic. It was so ironic and even though it was hard, there were good things that came out of it - like creating this album.”

The record was recorded at East Nashville’s Bomb Shelter with a host of local musicians including guitarist and producer, Josh Halper. Pedal steel, electric guitar, cello, and organ are peppered throughout the tracks as she masterfully weaves the beauty of country music’s lyricism with the edge of modern indie and alternative sound. After hundreds of listens “Australia’s Lonelier” remains Madison’s favorite track on the LP. It encapsulates the reality of her loneliest year, while recognizing that it’s okay to have lonely years

Inspiration from Mazzy Star, Lizzie McAlpine, and Phoebe Bridgers is evident. Yet Madison’s songwriting and genre-bending is singular in its display. Press tastemakers are taking notice, with previous singles receiving praise in Earmilk, Clash, Fame, She Makes Music, and Psychedelic Baby.

Above all, Madison’s songs aim to encompass the duality of loneliness and despair, loss and love, and the beauty of life and its unavoidable tragedies. In her upcoming debut record, she opens by highlighting the necessity of sharing how one feels about others; she stops to reflect earnestly on a failed relationship, takes on the perspective of a loved one who lost their spouse, sits with nostalgia at the close of childhood and leaves off with hope for a gentle future.

Upcoming Performances:

Album Release Show @ The Basement | Nashville, TN - Feb 2nd

Follow Madison: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | YouTube



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