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MADJO releases her latest alluring and empowering single 'WOMEN'

French-Swiss artist MADJO returns with her latest stunning single 'Women', honouring the sacred feminine. Accumulating over a million streams from her high powered releases and notable coverage from ELLE, Sens Critique, RocknFool and more, she continues to prove that she is an artist not to be missed.

Her latest single, ‘Women’, lifted from her upcoming album, ‘Rebellion’, invites us into the goddess circle, the honoring of mother, daughter, sister, humanity, strength, loss, beauty, integrity, and love. The song was originally inspired by Maya Angelou’s ‘Letter to My Daughter’, and came from a deep desire to speak about women, their lineages, differences, and legacies. The music video, directed by Mai Hua (‘Les Rivières’, ‘Make Me A Man’), follows a group of women in an unchoreographed moment together of unbound self expression and joy. Mothers and daughters of all ages, joining together to illuminate and honour the strength that derives from them all.

'Women' is a truly mesmerising and spell-binging affair from the rising singer, songwriter and musician. It's destined to resonate with fans and listeners across the globe, whilst adding another incredible release to her growing discography from her eagerly awaited forthcoming album, 'Rebellion' - set for release next year.


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