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Maisie May drops summery pop anthem ‘Face It’

Pop prodigy Maisie May adds to her dreamy discography of synth-pop tracks with the glorious new single ‘Face It’, which also serves as the title track of her debut EP expected next month. The upbeat track features celestial harmonies and textured percussion, crafting a refreshing pop gem that is sonically light and bubbly, yet finds its depth in gripping, honest lyricism.

Speaking about her new single, Maisie says: “I first started writing ‘Face It’ after working a night shift at my restaurant job. I had just gotten my job back after being unemployed for months through the pandemic. I was physically tired, but my brain was feeling creative and chaotic. I sat down at my computer and almost immediately recorded the bass-line that now shapes 'Face It'. Within a few minutes, I had finished writing the first verse and the chorus. Some projects take a really long time to complete, but ‘Face it’ was one of those songs that effortlessly fell into place. It felt like writing this upbeat, empowering song gave me the energy I needed after feeling exhausted for months. It's the first song I've produced that really makes me want to dance which is why I've been ecstatic to release it since the day I put down that bass-line.”

Brooklyn-hailing singer-songwriter and producer Maisie May only arrived on the scene last year, but has already picked up notable support from music blogs and landed a place in Spotify’s editorial playlist ‘New From NYC: Indie’. Crafting her stellar sounds in her New York bedroom, Maisie is armed with undeniable potential, and 2021 is set to be her year.



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