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Major Sleeper drops irresistible new single ‘I Wish’

Ryan ‘MajorSleeper’ Brown is a DJ and producer from Baltimore, Maryland currently residing in Washington, D.C. He’s been performing music since 10 years old, when he attended a performing arts Elementary/Middle school. This taught him the basics of music, dance, and visual arts. Growing up, he listened and was inspired by a whole host of different genres such as R&B to Pop to Rock and Alternative music.

His latest track ‘I Wish’ showcases his incredible musical ability. “I Wish” isn’t out to reinvent the dance music landscape, but in fact showcases how infectious the genre is when done right. A mixture of heartwarming synths, thumping drums and impactful baselines provides the perfect canvas for a lead vocal line. The vocals are softly penned but impactful and laced with emotion.

Speaking about the track, he says: "I'm glad I'm able to share my passion with everyone. This is only the beginning."

MajorSleeper has already achieved what most really want to - to make a living out of music. His major goal is to create a sound that is truly his and fully unique, and we feel like he's on the verge of cracking it. Backed by an extensive Spotify campaign and generous PR and social media promotions, 'I Wish' is destined to creep into your playlists.

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