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Malena Boccadoro captivates on the sweeping new single 'Dead Sea'

Ever since she first emerged with her stunning breakthrough single 'Novocaine' back in 2020, US artist Malena Boccadoro has always looked to pursue a broader and more interesting aesthetic than most. And after a scattering of fresh and shimmering releases these last few years, she is back to her vibrant best once again on the captivating new single 'Dead Sea'.

Conjuring more of that adventurous approach to production she has wielded since she first began, her latest outing marks another shining example of her riveting direction to date. Brimming with immersive songwriting and powerful tones at every turn, 'Dead Sea' sees her returning with more confidence in her direction than ever before.

While these last few years have been a little sparse when it comes to her releasing new material, 'Dead Sea' sounds like a driven will of intent to what she is looking to create in the months ahead. With this dynamic voice that permeates every moment of her music, Malena Boccadoro is a name we can expect to hear a lot more from in the near future as well.

Enjoy 'Dead Sea' below.



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