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Malik English releases energetic new single 'Only Me' with Izumii

Malik English is an artist based out of Brooklyn, with global heritage from Trinidad, Nigeria and Canada. These cultural influences allowed him to experience many different styles of music, informing his artistry as he never stays at one signature sound for long. Malik has performed at SXSW, The Apollo, SOBs and featured in Beyonce’s Black Is King.

As a young creative, English likes to defy what is expected of him, creating without boundaries to bring his message to the world.

His latest track is ‘Only Me’, a single in collaboration with fellow rising star Izumii. With a retro beat featuring an energetic break and pulsating synths and bass, the pair let their vocals soar over the top, matching the energy of the high-tempo instrumental. They sit back into the speed, letting it pull the track along while they relax into their performances and lyricism. Their auto-tuned sound is irrestitable and you really lose yourself in the music.

On the new release, Malik shares, “’Only Me’ is an embodiment of joy, an invitation to escape the pressures of life, and to encourage others to feel comfortable being themselves. No matter if you’re alone or in a group of people it’s important to maintain your sense of self and have fun being who you are. We wanted to motivate people to wild out in whatever way’s cool for them.”



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