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Manta releases emotional new single “Poly”

Manta isn’t just a musician - he’s a creative. He’s managed to turn his music into a brand, with powerful visual accompaniments. His upcoming E.P “Roundabouts in Therapy” promises to address modern day issues and create a safe musical space for his fans to find solace within.

Taken from his upcoming E.P “Roundabouts in Therapy,” he’s back with a new single entitled “Poly.” Featuring grooving percussion and vibrant instrumentation, the single is sure to pick you up and leave you wanting more. On top, vocals land softly, but come drenched in emotion, working hand in glove with well-penned lyrics.

Speaking about the single, he says: “This song is about one of my old flat mates who always fell in love with the wrong girl. He got into a relationship with a polyamorous girl who was sleeping with other people and he tried to act like he didn’t care but it was eating away at him. I tried to put myself in his position and how he was feeling about it all.

Manta smashed 2022. He supported Rejjie Snow on his sold-out headline show in Leeds, as well as making his debut performance at The Great Escape in Brighton over the summer (just to name a few accolades). With a bright 2023 ahead, we cannot wait to see where he’ll take this.



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