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Manta releases summertime bop “Clementine”

Manta is currently at the forefront of an exciting DIY music trend. He’s managed to direct, edit and colour-grade all of his music videos, alongside producing all of his music. It’s clear to see that his music and assets fully represents him, his personality and what he stands for. “Clementine” follows his debut E.P “Confined Spaces,” an offering that received a warm welcome from fans and critics alike, and we think his new single will receive similar praise.

“Clementine” is an irresistible new single from Manta. The track features heartwarming acoustic guitars, infectious backing vocals and pop-esc drums. The single sees Manta combine his love for both pop and hip-hop, with the track finding the perfect balance. Smartly-penned bars work well alongside infectious vocals.

Speaking about the single, he says the track was written about: “That feeling of summer love and not wanting summer to end”.

“Clementine” has been released in anticipation of his new EP “Roundabouts in Therapy” (to be released in April.) With such an exciting sound, we cannot wait to hear it.

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