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  • Alice Smith

Marooned Alien ‘Pink Mario’ Releases Latest Dream - Pop Single ‘CHAD’

Berlin-based artist Pink Mario has just released his latest Dream Pop single ‘CHAD’. The track was produced by Pink Mario alongside co-producer Robin Brink (Manu Grace, Beatenberg). ‘CHAD’ evokes a feeling of longing through its spacious production, reverberated vocals, and arpeggiated synth that ebbs and flows throughout the track, backed by a colourful music video that allows the viewer to see a world of wonder through Pink Mario’s eyes.

Pink Mario on the meaning behind the track

“Chad is an irrational love song for a country that I've never visited. I hope it captures the romance and excitement of searching for the distant and unknown, no matter how futile that endeavor may seem. Though the country Chad may be in the middle of the Sahara desert, for me it's more of an idea than an actual place.”

The brainchild of Lazlo Barclay, a Berlin-based artist from London, Pink Mario was conceived in 2020 as a way for Barclay to explore his fascination with the universe and human nature. Pink Mario is an alien that became marooned on Earth after crash landing in Greater London eight years ago. His mission is simple: to find a way to communicate with his home planet, P1. Without the relevant technology to do so on Earth, Pink Mario turned to the most powerful force he could find - music. With its ability to carry ideas and emotions beyond traditional means, Pink Mario believes that if enough people listen to his music the emotional surcharge will be enough to send his messages, encoded into each of his songs, across the universe to his home planet.

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