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Marq Electronica Brings The Vibes To Our Bedroom With 'Wildlife'

If you’re like us and desperately searching for something to add some excitement to the draining days of the recent lockdowns then look no further - luckily for us, Marq Electronica is back with another bold banger. Marq is gradually growing into a huge of our daily soundtracks - and we love it. Marq is a producer and vocalist harking from Middlesborough and is making waves in the electronic atmosphere with his skilfully sculpted bangers. Already a member of the synth-rock band Sapien Trace, Marq is carving a space in the electro-synth landscape that is perfectly suited to his unique brand of electronic landscape. His previous single, ‘In A City (Love),’ rightfully has gained Marq over eighty-thousand streams on Spotify alone. It’s no doubt his latest musical concoction will build on this immense momentum that Marq’s riding on at present.

‘Wildlife’ is the energetic, infectious track dominating our airwaves this month. With its lyrics rooted in the theme of utter boredom, Marq laments over that highly relatable feeling of being so mind-numbingly bored you just stare at the wildlife out your isolation window. Don’t worry we’ve all been there. "The world may be crazy right now so this is a moments release, a fun track we can all identify with to some extent.” With over three thousand streams on this track in the past week alone, it’s clear that many can relate. Sculpted on a soundscape with striking synths and driving drum lines, ‘Wildlife’ is the innately infectious hit spicing up our lockdown with effortless energy and good vibes. With it’s recent release, ‘Wildlife’ is gearing up to be the energetic anthem we’ve been craving as Marq Electronica, once again, offers up a complete banger. Check Out Marq Electronica on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER Listen to ‘Wildlife’ on SPOTIFY HERE

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