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Marq Electronica's ‘Bad Bones’ is a funky, trippy delight

This funk-infused, trip-hop leaning track is an absolute corker. It’s a perfect blend of a high art aesthetic with a political cause at its core that is candid and raw. The video is truly captivating, as a series of black and white arty shots play out, punctuated by a shot of colour here and there. Marq himself appears too, albeit partly disguised, with hands held up to his eyes. We love the mystery!

Marq Electronica takes a slight departure from previous tracks under his solo moniker. This song is more akin to the tracks he wrote within this synth-pop trio Sapien Trace. The funk influences are shining through on this record, as are the trip-hop ones. ‘Bad Bones’ has some pretty hard-hitting lyrics too, showcasing Electronica’s disgruntlement with the current political landscape in the UK.

Yet if you’re less interested in the political message, there’s still something for you - the track isn’t preachy in any way, it just turns art into something with a higher cause, and there’s beautiful music and visuals to enjoy aside from the underlying message. This latest release truly shows Marq’s ability to craft songs in different genres, and also his ability as a vocalist capable of many styles.

'Bad Bones' is out now to stream and download on all digital platforms, and make sure to watch the video too!

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