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Marsela releases gorgeous visual for 'Who Knows Where The Love Goes'

The music video for singer-songwriter Marsela’s impactful debut single ‘Who Knows Where The Love Goes?’ provides a perfect visual accompaniment. The black and white scheme emphasizes the track’s sense of catharsis, with its brooding piano and stirring lyrics, as if there’s an absence of colour in the loveless world Marsela sings of. Filmed by the coast, the stormy sea crashes against the shore as the songstress gazes pensively across the ocean, further complementing the troubled emotion that the music conveys. Emerging on the scene with a hard-hitting debut single and video, Marsela is certainly one to watch.

Discussing the meaning behind the song, Marsela explains: “‘Who Knows Where The Love Goes?’ Is inspired by the act of someone waking up one day and deciding they no longer want someone they've been building a life with, with no explanation. It waltzes between feelings of hopelessness to actually pointing the finger, which is what we do when we’re left doing guesswork. I find it to be quite a terrifying prospect to have the rug swept from under your feet and so I wrote about it.”

Based in London, this British-Albanian songstress has taken her time penning tracks and establishing her style, now making her debut with a song that portrays raw, authentic sentiments that will linger in listeners’ minds. As well as her refined lyrical capabilities, her velvety tone and powerful vocal range are beautifully showcased on ‘Who Knows Where The Loves Goes?’. We look forward to seeing what the future brings for Marsela.

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