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Martin Reynolds drops new anthem ‘The Boy’s Got Rhythm’

Taken from his carefully crafted debut album ‘Where There’s Hope’, Martin Reynolds has shared with us his newest impressive offering ‘The Boy’s Got Rhythm’. Delivering a warming country-twang alongside uplifting strings and sprightly percussion, the track is the perfect pick me up single. Carrying thoughtful lyrics throughout, Martin strikes the perfect balance between musing and playful vibes in this record.

The Boy's Got Rhythm came quite late on in the writing process for the album, it was the last but one song I had written for it. The studio had closed down at this point, but I couldn't get this song out of my head, and I knew that it needed to be on the record, it just sounded so different to everything else and had a certain kind of attitude to it, which probably came from listening to a lot of early Elvis, we're talking the 1950's stuff, the stuff that sounds like it could almost be barbershop. The song itself is really quite tongue in cheek and probably means something completely different to others than what it means to me. it came to me really quickly, just one of those that falls out of the sky.” - Martin Reynolds



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