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Masseduction Unveils Cathartic New Track "BLAME": A Journey of Emotional Release and Artistic Growth

Italian indie-rock band Masseduction just returned with a new track titled "BLAME". Formed during the challenging times of the pandemic, the band's unique sound identity and emotionally charged music have already captured the attention of music tastemakers and fans alike.

Masseduction's journey began in early 2021 when members Giordano Giacchetti, Salvatore Dragone, and Lorenzo Galante formed the band after connecting on a Facebook group for local musicians. Unable to play live due to the pandemic, they channeled their creative energy into making music with other like-minded individuals. Their first foray into the music world was a rendition of Billie Eilish's "NDA", followed by a studio live session featuring a captivating cover of Halsey's "Bells in Santa Fe". These early experiences helped shape their unique sound, drawing inspiration from modern alt-rock artists like Nothing But Thieves and Royal Blood.

For their latest release, "Blame", Masseduction took their creativity to a global level, crafting the song between Rome, London, and Los Angeles. Recording at Studio Miriam using analog outboard and vintage gear, the band achieved a rich and authentic sound, harking back to the classic rock era of the '60s and '70s. The track was mixed by Inhaler's engineer John Catlin and mastered by multi-Grammy winner Brian Lucey at his renowned Magic Garden Studio, ensuring a polished and powerful production. Listen below:

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