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‘Masterpiece’ is the perfect empowering track from R&B prodigy Rosita

Rosita nestles herself firmly as one to watch amongst the UK R&B scene with her latest gem ‘Masterpiece’. Filled with heaps of personality, Rosita’s poised approach to her honest and personal narrative is fearlessly approached and beautifully executed. Notably drawing her inspiration from the likes of Lauryn Hill all the way to Ariana Grande, Rosita’s sound audibly combines a mixture of classic soulful elements with a splash of pop that adds an undeniably addictive element to her music.

Rosita explains: “This song was all about confidence and self love for me, being able to learn to love myself and not care about people’s unsolicited opinions. Knowing that struggle was only temporary, and that no matter what I'd soon bounce back.”

Rosita’s potential continues to grow as she adds to her collection of dazzling tracks, be sure to keep an eye out for her next release.



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