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Mats Dernánd releases the soaring new single ‘You Are Not Alone’

The latest offering from Mats Dernánd is ‘You Are Not Alone’. The single grows from a steadfast vocal and strong acoustic guitar, gently adding new elements that expand the atmosphere and give the whole thing a distinctive momentousness. By introducing eclectic harmonies through both lyrical doubles and rich vocalisations, Mats injects emotion into his words. Ever poignant, he introduces piano, strings and ever-soaring synth arpeggios, pulling different elements in and out where necessary.

Mats adds, "Several people close to me have gone through difficult times lately. ‘You Are Not Alone’ is a song about being there and taking responsibility for those we love." He emphasises, "It is a dark time in the world in many ways. You Are Not Alone also carries darkness, but above all, I want the listener to feel hope."

Acclaimed for his songwriting at both the US and International Songwriting Competition, Mats Dernánd has been releasing inspired orchestrations since 2017. Across his career, fans have seen Mats dive into a range of genres, never restricting his multi-instrumental talents. Mats has also graced various international music festivals and collaborated with a wide range of artists, constantly informing the evolution of his sound.



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