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  • Paul Riley

Matthew Progress Reveals New Single "Doc Neville"

Matthew Progress, the Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist has released his socially provocative new single "Doc Neville" and announced his forthcoming debut full length album God Made Dirt. Written during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, "Doc Neville" is an ode to the behaviors and social habits it induced - with a particular focus on those done in solitude. Anchored by a warped and woozy trap sonic helmed by Dan Only (River Tiber, a l l i e), the track features additional production from Gray Rowan (Charlotte Day Wilson, Jonah Yano) who brings bedroom pop elements as it builds into an emphatic crescendo.

Featuring a gripping and multi-syllabic delivery, Progress manipulates his limber and dexterous flow to ruminate on corporate dictatorship, corruption and conspiracy theories. Continuing what has long been a staple and signature in his work, the track also draws influence from a wide range of references. Citing Stanley Rubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut, surrealist paintings from Spanish artist Salvador Dalí and the music of Dutch-Iranian artist Sevdaliza, Matthew says: “The song was written during the first major lockdown. The days were long and repetitive and the evening news narrative was fishy. I was focusing heavily on training, nutrition and mental health maintenance - while anticipating a dystopic future. At the time I had been watching Eyes Wide Shut a lot, staring at Dali's The Temptation of Saint Anthony, and listening to Sevdeliza's Human Nature on repeat (hence the references in the chorus)”.

The unveiling of "Doc Neville" arrives alongside news that Matthew’s full length debut album God Made Dirt on the Pirates Blend record label will hit streaming services and digital retailers on November 24th. Composed of nine tracks, the project is a lyric-forward multi-genre mosaic that toggles between abstract Hip-Hop, punk, electronica, trap and psychedelic influences. The entire album has been produced in collaboration with Dan Only.



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