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MAUS Drops New Single 'OTHER ROOM (Missing You)'

Exciting new Hip-Hop producer MAUS is back with his latest offering ‘OTHER ROOM (Missing You)’. The track has been launched into the world and features on his debut album ‘BLACK LODGE 1998’.

As an artist and tattooer from London, MAUS creates a world that his songs all sit cohesively within. He spins tales of otherworldly dreams and creatures, his love of storytelling relating closely to the life, his struggles and the world around him. We hear this in ‘OTHER ROOM (Missing You)’ as MAUS offers a close cut and honest outlet.

Opening with gentle keys that offer space for reflection the track builds with a progressive rhythm and the introduction of MAUS’ perfectly sincere vocals which take centre stage.

“This song is about heartbreak and trying to run away from the ensuing problems that always catch up” MAUS explains – It’s a song off of 'BLACK LODGE 1998', my debut album. The record revolves around heartbreak, compartmentalizing and understanding the emotion and pain that follows”.

There is pure heart and soul in the music that MAUS creates and It’s clear that he puts his life on the line for his work. With the imminent release of ‘OTHER ROOM (Missing You)’ and the anticipated wait for his debut album ‘BLACK LODGE 1998’ there will be no stopping MAUS in bringing together his visions. This makes him such an exciting watch for 2021.

Follow MAUS on Instagram @saintmaus


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