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Melissa Inya Releases Astonishing New Album 'Musical Hallucinations'

Updated: Jan 28

This is the first time Melissa writes and sings about something so personal.

Musical Hallucinations is the astonishing new album from emerging soul and R&B artist Melissa Inya. Since Melissa Inya was a child, music has been her refuge and her way of expressing her feelings and thoughts. This is highly the case with her new album ‘Musical Hallucinations’. "You suffer from severe musical hallucinations!", Was the diagnosis when Melissa Inya went to see a psychiatrist because she was in the middle of a difficult place in life.

Talking about the album Melissa Inya mentions,

"My mother has told me that I started singing before I could even speak. Some people hear voices in their heads, but I only hear music. Through my lyrics, I finally manage to put words and melodies on topics I normally cannot formulate”

The album's total of 13 songs each have a personal story that addresses major - and difficult - experiences and challenges with e.g., mental illness, the great love, loss, violence, hopes and anxieties of being a single mother.

She has always feared that people would use her "weaknesses'' against her. Today, she no longer goes up in what others think. She stands stronger than ever and hopes to be able to sign into people's souls and minds and help others who are in similar situations.

Check out the album right here.