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Michael Lukes releases new visual for 'Life In A Bubble'

Michael Lukes has unveiled another emotive visual, once again proving his authentic ability to tug on listeners’ heartstrings. Cathartic pop ballad ‘Life in a Bubble’ is flooded with tender acoustic melodies and accompanied by a gripping music video which conveys themes of grief, love and family.

Michael said of his new release: “The song is inspired by that feeling when two souls are completely connected and so feeling as if they are in a bubble floating in the air, detached from the rest of the world.”

Singer-songwriter Michael Lukes began his solo career in 2017, forging an introspective and meaningful pop sound. After the success of his cover of Tom Walker’s ‘Leave A Light On’, Michael began creating his own material, inspired by the likes of James Bay, The Lumineers and Ed Sheeran.

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