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Mikano drops sumptuous pop-rap single 'Touché Coulé'

Mikano is a young rap prodigy who has arrived on the scene with a force. Just dropping his 9-track EP 'Akwa II', it is an introduction into his unique sound world that he has created, and lead single 'Touché Coulé' is such an impeccable offering. For fans of Drake and Blood Orange, Mikano channels a fierce pop-rap personality with a potent combination of synths and percussion to complete his all encompassing and accessible music.

Growing up in the streets of Paris, he has become accustomed to a new life and its relevant surroundings, and he approaches his craft with a very melody focused dosage of rap, where is sings and raps, and everything in between. It's clever and understatedly brilliant from Mikano, and he holds an energy in his songs that are infectious, bringing that real pop-woven influence to the fore too. Check him out now.

Stream 'Touché Coulé' here:

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