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millhope delivers his dynamic new single 'Prototype'

Ever since he first broke through with his wondrous debut single 'Illusion' near the start of the year, German producer millhope has been quick to establish himself as a bright and vibrant innovator on the rise. Dabbling in a broad and kaleidoscopic pursuit throughout his run of releases, he continues that vibrant aesthetic once again on the dynamic new single 'Prototype'.

Much like his progressive intentions on previous outings, his newest delight is this rich and textured electronic gem that sweeps and swoons throughout. Joining forces with vocalist Jenny Thiele here, 'Prototype' not only builds upon his positive foundation to date, but also sees him soar higher than ever.

These last few months have certainly been a strong and riveting experience for the emerging artist, but 'Prototype' already feels like the start of an even bigger ambition within his direction. With such a palpable energy surging throughout, millhope is quickly becoming a name we can definitely expect great things from in the years ahead.

Enjoy 'Prototype' below.



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