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Mimah drops killer EP ‘Panacea’

UK artist Mimah has released her new EP ‘Panacea’. Mimah breathes fresh air into hip-hop, with an electro-pop twist and a voice that’s ultra-dynamic. Mimah can sing from the soul as she demonstrates in ‘The Rose’ and ‘Love Tears’, in the style of Erykah Badu, and she can also rap with badass attitude (as well as freestyle).

Drawing inspiration from an unwanted existential crisis, 'Panacea' aims to live up to its name, which defined means, 'a solution or remedy for all difficulties'. 'The medicine, named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy Panacea, is any supposed remedy that is claimed to cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely.'With a newfound awareness of mortality, combined with the desire for any listener to unleash their own inner goddess, this EP hopes to be the eternal remedy we've all been searching for.

Opening track ‘Horoscopes’ is unapologetically bold with a stomping baseline and an ethereal chorus section. The song then evolves, venturing on a heavenly tangent with luscious layers of vocals, a little in the style of Gorillaz. ‘Drip Like Honey’ is a hip-hop tune with a super catchy baseline hook. Our personal favourite track is ‘The Rose’ which showcases the vocal abilities of Mimah, with a soothing R&B tone, offering a beautiful midpoint to the EP. ‘Hot Sauce’ is a tongue-in-cheek freestyle track with tons of sass, all about female empowerment. Closing track ‘Love Tears’ is a future-bass banger you’ll be playing on repeat.

Mimah’s music and lyrics find humour in our everyday struggles and reflect on what it really means to be human. ‘Panacea’ is available to stream now on all major platforms right here:

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