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Minx and Dusal get playful on new record ‘Who Knows’

Pulling together afro-style beats, shimmering jazz melodies and fun lyrics, ‘Who Knows’ is an impressive release from new duo Minx and Dusal. Bringing a fresh sound to the scene, the pair are unafraid to experiment and their daring approach to their music really pays off.

Minx explains: "It's very much based on personal experience, love, loss and ridiculous men. My love of strong women in Disco and 90s hip-hop is apparent in my vocal stylings. Taking leaves out of the books of artists such as Fonda Rae, Cheryl Lynn, Lil Kim and Bahamadia.”

Dusal notes: "The music is an ecclectic mix of many of the styles I love. There's elements from Tropical House, Afroswing, Jazz and Classical genres. I think after studying many forms of music for the best part of 15 years I might as well use them all.”

Uniting their individual talents to create something super original, this is a duo to keep an eye on. Take a listen to ‘Who Knows’ here.

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