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Misha Fair Offers An Empowerment Listen on ‘Beg’

Misha Fair’s latest offering ‘Beg’ is an empowering release from the songstress. The alternative country, Americana, and southern rock genre binding tracks showcase the anthemic vibe and thrill of standing up for yourself.

With powerful lyrics reclaiming her power after a period of time of reflecting, Misha Fair rebuilds her strength in ‘Beg’. Although the storytelling will hit home for many, there’s an opportunity to celebrate and find hope again. From the melodic progressions, chord structures, and powerful lyrics, along with Misha Fair’s soaring vocal abilities, the production is simply stunning.

Overall, ‘Beg’ is a beautiful blend of genres infused with bluegrass, rawness, and empowering vibes to it. She captures a thrilling experience and such emotions throughout this particular song making her, truly, a stand-out musical act. If you're looking for something special to add to your playlist this summer, ‘Beg’ is definitely worth checking out.

Misha Fair comments on the release, "’This body ain't no truckstop to service you till break of day. This soul-tie ain't like fast can't have it all your way,’ When I wrote this line, I was thinking about how sometimes people can get used to a person giving all of themselves so freely that they begin to expect the response will always be "yes". Receiving "no" seems to erase all the previous yeses. This may happen in matters of the heart, finances, intimacy, and more. Being someone who has experienced codependency in relationships, I wanted to write the words I would have said sooner had I felt empowered to do so, ‘This body...(mind, heart, and all its components) belongs to me and is mine to control.’”

Be sure to check out, ‘Beg’:



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