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UK Punk Rockers MOSKITO have today shared their debut mixtape titled 'BAD LOVE'

2022 saw the break through of MOSKITO who firmly stamped their mark on the UK Rock scene with singles like 517, Sweet Fruit and Don't Touch My Baby.

Now the ruthless rockers jump into 2023 by combined previous singles and a mix of other new material together to create their debut mixtape 'Bad Love' and what a debut it is!

Speaking about the mixtape the band mention

"BAD LOVE is a book of short stories with no happy endings. Familiar lyrical themes with unfamiliar musical tangents will guide you down this black mirror-esque compilation of BAD LOVE/news. If you know you know."

By taking a unique start to a record with a poem titled MOSKITO I, listeners already start to pick up different emotions with no idea of how this record will pan out. It works perfectly because what follows is nothing short of eccentric, raw, heavy and beautiful all at the same time.

Gone With The Girl smacks you in the face, blending dark melodies with abrasive yet tender sounds. It was the bands first ever release which hit the ground running with the type of music everyone needed to hear at the time

Stand out tracks on this mixtape include 517 a raucous offering full of blistering riffs and an eerie showdown in 'Sweet Fruit'.

This mixtape feels like only to start of things to come from MOSKITO. They are a band for this decade and it feels like in time they will be mixing it with the big dogs. The BAD LOVE mixtape showcases their ability and how they don't hold back in venturing to any task big or small.

A brilliant debut and we want more. 8/10

Check it out in full here:


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