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Mkaye releases irresistible new single "Lullabye"

Mkaye has had to overcome huge obstacles in his life to reach the point he finds himself at now. This explains his unique and signature sound - raw, passionate and wrapped up in irresistible melodies, his sound is sure to pick up and entice you in.

His latest single "Lullabye" showcases this unique sound. Drums smash through the mix, reverberating hard-hitting energy around the track. Atmospheric synths create a melting pot of melodies that sit perfectly on top. His bars are well-penned, straight talking and tinged with infectious melodies.

The accompanying music video is sure to entice you even further. The music video conjures up images of hope, desperation and a brighter future, partnering up incredibly well with the single. His image and unique sound forms a formidable partnership and we can't wait to see where he'll take it.

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