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Mokita gets romantic on new single 'down'

Following on from a string of highly-praised offerings over the last few months, Nashville singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mokita now returns with his latest sombre release 'down'.

Mixing a blend of solemn piano keys and diverse electronic production, 'down' makes for an incredibly engaging initial listen. Bringing his own soaring vocals to the forefront, his newest gem shows off his most romantic side in the best possible way.

Speaking about the track, he said, “I’ve had some really rough seasons in my life where my depression was just so bad and I didn’t feel like I was ever going climb out of it,but through those times I’ve had some close friends who have walked with me through those seasons; who have encouraged me and just been present. I think the theme of this song was really just a letter to those friends who are going through those things, and to anyone who is having a hard time. Everybody needs a friend to walk with them through the hard seasons and sometimes just being present, being available to listen, and being faithful, is the best way to love someone through those times.”

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