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Morning Trips release new single 'Where Is Your Out?'

Morning Trips want to make their mark on the rest of 2022 and they’ve certainly proved capable with their newest single ‘Where Is Your Out?’. The track features and fuses the best features of post-punk, indie pop, synthpop, and electronic music all tied together by a strong and well-rehearsed unit. It provides a musical landscape for all to enjoy.

Talking about the release, they claim: “we were in a place as a band where we were finally developing and crafting the music and visuals we had always wanted to make on a bigger picture. We were heavily influenced by a lot of the modern-day alternative music subgenres like hyper pop or IDM and wanted to channel those influences into guitar-centred music. The song is about being born into a dated and oppressive living system and looking for a way to cleanse the dirty feeling of isolation and guilt.”

The band has been together for four years and has set up into the lineup they are today, having known each other since high school and through their local music scene in Florida. During these four years, the band’s musicianship in the past four years has blossomed and we feel their fanbase will follow course.



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