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Movie Monroe shares serene four-track EP ‘A Light Through The Clouds’

Movie Monroe recently released a new EP entitled ‘A Light Through The Clouds’. Featuring four tracks, it contains soulful beats, nostalgic arrangements, bouncy drums sleek vocal delivery. With glowing samples that instantly draw you in as a listener, Movie emerges with an easy-going flow, floating through smooth trap-influenced drums. The project was written, produced, mixed and mastered by the artist and showcased his talent for each stage of that process with infectious, expressive tracks.

Movie adds, ”This EP was recorded in the first month of my daughter being born. It holds a special time, place and energy.”

Based in Las Vegas, and originally hailing from Buffalo, Movie Monroe takes control of his creative process as a rapper, producer, singer, songwriter and engineer. Since his debut in 2021, his penchant for quantity and quality has earned him a solid and growing fanbase.



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