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Mufasa - 'World Needs Love'

Gaining social media traction using his ‘good energy only’ through the power of the internet amidst the pandemic alongside his artistic companion Hypeman, Mufasa is bringing the fun back to house music. Capturing viral attention from his dance videos on social media and high-profile support from the likes of Cardi B, Lil Wayne, J Balvin, Chris Brown and many more, the multifaceted talent continues to go from strength to strength.

Following the release of feature on Dopamine’s RE-EDIT of RITON x Nightcrawlers 'Friday’ which has accumulated 40 million views on YouTube, 771 million streams on Spotify, soared the Billboard charts and had high-profile support from renowned publication Forbes Magazine, Mufasa returns with renewed energy across ‘World Needs Love’.

Even two years later, Mufasa brings the same radiant vibes and melodic beats. ‘World Needs Love’ is a fresh perspective on combining peace and love that the world truly needs, whilst a toughened bassline and captivating rhythms combine for a track destined to resonate with house fans and listeners alike. Mufasa’s lyrics cut straight to the chase (“All you need is love, put your arms around someone who’s close to you”) and brings a feel-good effervescence with some humanity to the house genre.

These lyrics come full circle for Mufasa, with a career born from within a global pandemic, he brings forward themes of love, unity and peace that are still very much needed in the world today, through his skills of composition, melody and the lyrics themselves. He’s an artist using his music not just as a creative outlet, but for the further purpose of bringing light and energy through the power of dance and house music. The song compositionally is reminiscent of tracks from artists such as MK, Becky Hill, David Guetta & Tiesto.

Mufasa is an artist that has used social media to break through the house scene with his first featured single that was released January 2020 called ‘Friday’. Since then, he's been able to connect with millions around the world on social media whilst building an impressive discography of alluring releases.



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