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muffintops release well-flowing new E.P “Runaway”

Hailing from the snow-sprinkled mountains of the French Alps, but now based in Bristol, the creative hub of the South West, muffintops are coming quickly gaining the reputation for being the most exciting outfit in the indie-pop scene. School friends turned bandmates Ella and Elie are showcasing their rock-tinged and alt-pop fused, signature sound.

Their latest E.P “Runaway” is set to take the listener on a journey. Tracks such as “Nothing but a Game” showcase a vulnerable and emotional side of the duo. A tight drum and bass partnership, chorus soaked guitars and softly penned vocals. Whereas tracks such as “Not a Girl” pay a slight homage to My Bloody Valentine as overdrive-soaked guitars ebb and flow between each other. Drums thrash through the mix as softly penned but impactful vocals land on top.

Speaking about the EP, the duo says: “Runaway is our first release, and we've put so much of ourselves into it. Almost everything was done between the two of us, in our studio at home. We started writing the songs during lockdown and have been working on them until now. Runaway reflects the process of what we had to get through to be where we are today. It's about letting things go and looking at life from a new perspective. It feels so special to be able to share them with people. It's a reflection of who we've been these last two years. We've learned so much about ourselves during the creation of this EP, we hope you'll be able to get a picture of who we are by listening to it.

Muffintops’ talents don’t stop at songwriting. With Elie an adept multi-instrumentalist and producer, whilst Ella is gifted with a flair for guitar and photography, the duo have a skill set that consists of endless creativity. Muffintops are projecting a message through their art which challenges societal expectations, shaping themselves as role models for their budding fanbase. With much more in the pipeline, it’s a duo that you’re going to want to keep an eye out for.



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