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Muna Moné showcases the flirtatious single ‘15 Minutes’

Muna Moné recently returned with the sultry evening bounce of the new single ‘15 Minutes’. Detailing a flirtatious and seductive story, Muna brings together warm instrumentation, playful rhythms and swelling vocals. Gliding melodies are supported with rich vocal layers. Laid-back yet intense there's an irresistibility in the track's presence, alluring the listener into the emotions Muna portrays.

Muna explains the single, framing the song as “a spicy night out where someone catches your eye, providing a sultry, fun and in the moment experience.”

As a British-Nigerian newcomer, Muna has a talent for weaving together both sides of her cultural heritage both in personality and in her music. The Afro-R&B artist has created a strong sense of self since her 2022 debut, looking ahead to 2024 with hope and confidence.



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