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Namir Blade releases music video for Mephisto / Deep

DIY artist Namir Blade is back with a new music video for Mephisto/Deep, two tracks combined taken from his recently released album Metropolis (Mello Music Group).

Inspired by German folklore Mephistopheles, Mephisto tackles the exchange of virtues in order to gain influence, wealth, or material things as it relates to the entertainment industry. In the second half of the video comes Deep (Interlude), which Namir wrote while watching Blade Runner.

Speaking of 'Deep', Namir shares: “I decided to write a song from [Rick] Deckard’s point of view capturing the thought process of someone who is almost scared to love.”

Namir Blade's songwriting in the release is an introspective exploration of complex emotions in an ever-changing world. Using his living room as his recording, production, and mixing studio, Namir self-produced the entire project, demonstrating his unique skills and unparalleled artistry.

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