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Nat Oaks releases the high-intensity single ‘Hard To Forget’

Nat Oaks is back! The new single ‘Hard To Forget’ sees the Bristol-based artist bring her dynamic musicality to a momentous beat filled with high-intensity drums and a striking horn line. Her assured flow rides the energised backdrop, taking control of the track with catchy hooks and thoughtful verses.

Nat explains, “I’ve been through a lot of changes during 2023. I went to the studio still feeling quite rough about my breakup, but also didn’t want to write an inevitable sad song about it. I was super inspired by Ants Live’s hardcore, self-indulgent yet confident style and really wanted that to come through. I do believe that you can choose how to react to different situations and either let them consume you or make you. I knew I wanted a track that I could blast out of the car speakers, and I’m happy it’s this.

This is the first single from my incoming sophomore EP. It’s a body of music I’m very proud of, and look forward to playing live at festivals.”

Born in Ghana, and raised in Britain, Nat Oaks has crafted a signature sound with genre influences ranging from hip-hop to neo-soul to lo-fi. A heavily musical upbringing led to a love for writing emerging at the age of 10, something that has evolved into an ability to connect with audiences and immerse crowds into her music.



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