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Natalia Salter releases atmospheric new single 'Million And One'

Natalia Salter is an English-Peruvian who loves entertaining. Splitting her time between London and Valencia, Salter is a singer, writer and poet who earned her stripes when touring around the UK and Europe as part of a collective in the Folk scene.

Her latest single 'Million And One' showcases her signature and ethereal. An atmospheric offering at it's core, the single will pick you up and entice you in. An acoustic guitars creates a textually thick sounding track whilst beautiful vocals land softly on top, tinged with emotion.

Discussing the single, Natalia explains: "This song is about how I've come to accept and embrace my mistakes and decided to choose to love myself in spite of them. Million And One is a song for the sensitive souls, who are not afraid to be vulnerable. It's for the people who live in the grey and understand that people and this world are not black and white.“

Embracing the struggles life has thrown at her, whether it's holding on to your artistic identity and juggling motherhood, to navigating the toxic misogyny of the industry, Natalia has a lot to say. Growing up in the outskirts of London with a Peruvian Mother who is an artist and a Father who worked in the film industry and spent most of her younger years traveling the world, Natalia had a deep appreciation for the arts very early on.

Natalia’s journey is a fresh one, but one that is very exciting indeed. We can’t wait to see how 2022 looks for this talented songwriter.

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