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Natalie Clark returns with the tender new single 'Late Train'

Photo Credit: Kelli Hayden

Over these last few months, LA-based Scottish artist Natalie Clark has been on an incredible journey of innovation of self-discovery. Taking a short break after her highly-praised 2021 EP 'One By One', she has since been returning with some of her most alluring releases to date, and now looks to continue that trend with her emotive new single 'Late Train'.

Stepping away from her glossier material of late, this new offering aims to highlight the more tender and emotionally-charged side to her aesthetic. With its beautifully warm and soulful energy bringing life to her passionate voice from start to finish, 'Late Train' sees her return in a beautifully tender and heartfelt guise throughout.

While these last few months have seen her unveil some brilliantly adventurous and inventive outings, 'Late Train' stands at the zenith of her progressive nature so far in 2023. Brimming with a raw yet driven texture at every turn, Natalie Clark seems destined for great success after this one.

Enjoy 'Late Train' below.



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