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NC rapper jopippins unveils the jam-packed Director's Cut of 'Digital Native'

The forward-thinking emcee, singer and producer has reissued the 2020 LP with three new bonus tracks.

In one of the most exciting drops of the festive period, North Carolina's jopippins has unveiled a deluxe edition of his latest concept album, Digital Native.

Titled the Director's Cut, the reissued LP comes complete with three bonus tracks: lead single "Terms & Conditions"; the genre-bending alt-rap number "Google Maps", featuring bandmate Wes Monterey and past collaborator Renzo Suburbn; and the soul-infused "Belleza", in which the Raleigh talent is joined by Onyae Tybre and Jacob Lineberry.

Having enjoyed renewed success in recent months after funk phenomenon Thundercat gave his impromptu "Them Changes" cover the official seal of approval, the emergent rapper, singer and producer has continued to expand on the themes first visited on the LP last summer, namely society's love-hate relationship with social media.

With the three new additions seamlessly woven into Digital Native, it's sounding better than ever. Listen below:

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