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Nessa P Unveils Captivating EP 'Only Love'

Nessa P marks a new milestone in her career with the release of her EP, "Only Love." This project delves deep into the transformative power of love, exploring its ability to navigate and transcend the ordinary challenges of human relationships. Blending indie electronic sounds with influences from Purple Disco Machine and Fred Again, Nessa P crafts a soundscape that vibrates with authenticity and emotional resonance.

"Only Love" is a narrative journey through the complexities of love. The title track, born from a spontaneous burst of creativity, captures the enduring essence of love and the wisdom that patience brings. Throughout the EP, Nessa P showcases her personal and artistic growth, weaving a tapestry of tracks that entertain and resonate on a profound level.

The EP is a testament to Nessa P’s evolving artistry, combining indie electronic and disco elements with emotionally charged lyrics and dynamic production. Each track serves as a vignette, painting vivid pictures of personal experiences and broader existential reflections. This nuanced approach solidifies Nessa P’s place in the modern music scene as a bold and introspective voice.

"Dance (All Night)" celebrates the euphoric highs of the San Francisco nightlife, while "Tokyo Games" offers introspective vibes. The candidness of "(Gotta) Do This" addresses the theme of depression, presenting a message of freedom through vulnerability. These tracks, backed by Nessa's signature synth-driven beats and heartfelt lyrics, articulate a spectrum of emotional experiences.

Collaborations with the gifted Kahsii Autamese and the nuanced production skills of Chuck TZ add a fresh dynamic to the EP, enriching its overall sound and ensuring that each track offers something uniquely compelling.

As Nessa P embarks on this new chapter, "Only Love" invites listeners to join her on a journey celebrating the multifaceted nature of love, life, and the power of music. The EP is available on all major streaming platforms, promising both a sonic adventure and a soulful odyssey for listeners.

For audiophiles and collectors, Nessa P offers a limited edition vinyl pressing of "Only Love." This special release features high-quality audio and exclusive artwork that complements the album’s themes, making it a must-have for fans. Secure your copy now to immerse yourself in the rich, analogue sounds of Nessa P’s deeply personal and artistically rich EP, "Only Love."

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1 Comment

Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor
May 21

Love this!!!!!!

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