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NEVE releases signature-sounding new single “Want u Back”

NEVE might hail from small town in the North of Ireland, but she's managed to make a big impression globally. After immersing herself in the pop scene in London, NEVE discovered her talent for songwriting. She quickly took this to the next level and found herself writing songs with the likes of Anne Marie, Nicole Scherzinger and Little Mix.

NEVE's new single "Want u Back" is sure to make an impression. With playful drums, pounding bass lines and atmospheric synths, the track is sure to get you up and moving. "Want u Back" really showcases the power of NEVE's vocals, with her vocals coming emotionally-penned and drenched infectious melodies.

Speaking about the single, she says: “This song is for anyone like me who needs to scream songs in the car like it's therapy, because screaming it on stage has been one of the best things i've got the pleasure of doing this year.”

NEVE has been able to grow her Tiktok platform to half a million followers, and has recently accumulated over 60 million views on singing videos of her own and other artists' songs. With a huge following and fantastic music, we cannot wait to see where she'll take this.

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