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New From Julia Brennan

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Minneapolis-born singer-songwriter Julia Brennan, unveils an emotional realisation in new single ‘How Does It Feel’, released last month. Promoting an authentic, deep-rooted passion for making honest and emotive music; her wholehearted and candid approach to music and songwriting sees her placing her distinctive mark on the modern pop scene. Describing her sound as “expressive, cinematic, and pensive/wistful”, there is something truly captivating about Julia’s vocals blended within a range of piano-led instrumentals.

With a gentle and almost ethereal soundscape, ‘How Does It Feel’ is a brave and honest confession of a confusing time for Julia. Through the track, she expresses the ultimate relief when the heart-breaker finally experiences the heartbreak; even confessing in the end that ‘everyone sleeps alone’. When talking to Julia about the single, and the inspiration behind the song; she notes how the track is based in real life to a degree: “All of my songs have been influenced by real-life experiences or feelings. It’s really important to me that I connect with what I’m writing, so there’s definitely truth to it”.

Is it easy for you to find the words to express your emotions/journeys, as a writer?

“Yes, I love love love writing. Putting my emotions onto paper helps me make sense of them”.

As we spoke about her music, discography and creative process; we touched on songwriting, and the power of words. And in discussing lyrics, and the writing side of the creative process; Julia cited Chelsea Cutler and JP Saxe as penning some of her favourite lyrics of all time - “I’m always finding new [lyrics] that I fall in love with and just add them to my list of favorites. I don’t think I can possibly pick one favorite, but I do currently have a top three. “You’re not mine anymore, but I’m a still a little bit yours” (A little bit yours – JP Saxe). “You said forever, and I almost bought it. I miss fighting if your old apartment” (I miss you, I’m sorry – Gracie Abrams). “Think I fell in love before I even knew your birthday” (Crazier things – Chelsea Cutler). I love these lyrics so much because I’ve gone through those exact feelings and situations - they’re just so honest. Not to mention how the artist delivers those lyrics makes them hurt even more – you hear them and it’s just like “ouch”.”

Crafting an impressive body of music that led to her first radio play on Minnesota’s biggest pop radio station, 101.3 KDWB, and following endorsements on prominent platforms such as Sirius XM; Julia Brennan is certainly headed for great things, and is undoubtedly “one to watch”.

What’s been a pinnacle moment in your musical career so far?

“Signing with my first record label was definitely a pinnacle moment because it changed the course of everything, but I still wouldn’t say it’s THE pinnacle. It gave me opportunities I never would’ve had and introduced me to people I maybe never would’ve met, but I feel even more confident as an artist, a writer, and even as a person now than I did when I signed. I’m really, really excited about the future and what’s yet to come, the songs I have yet to put out, the pinnacle that is yet to be”.

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