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New Release: GVosti Unveils Dreamy New Track 'I Got You'

Photo Credit: Morgan Russell

Alt-pop artist GVosti is back with her new release 'I Got You'. Her first release since her debut EP 'Reaction', the single shows a growth in the artist's craft. 'I Got You' is an electro-tinged pop track, beautifully layered with delicate synths and warm vocals.

GVosti works on all steps of the creative process - the engineering, producing, songwriting, performing and mixing. Her impressive production skills shine through on 'I Got You'.

The track encompasses the theme of supporting people around you who are struggling, which is conveyed through GVosti's comforting vocals and the conversational lyrics.

“I Got You is a conversation between two people about mental health. It is from the perspective of someone who wants to help and be supportive. I wrote this song in early covid when I was having a hard time, and most people I knew were too. Everyone processes difficult times differently, some want to talk while some want space. You can support someone in your life by listening to their needs, and you can support yourself by doing the same." GVosti shares.

Listen to 'I Got You':

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