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New Release: NAILBREAKER - 'Colder'

Digital hardcore outfit, NAILBREAKER release new single ‘Colder’ through Beth Shalom Records. ‘Colder’, as a track, was originally intended to be mostly harsh noise with very little percussion or rhythm in general, but over time evolved into something much more melodic and palatable.

“Almost every sound used in this song was recorded out of my kitchen, with distorted and blown-out field recordings of kettles, cutlery, frying, a microwave, broken ceramic among other found sounds being heavily manipulated to create bass sounds, white noise, feedback, and as many other tonalities as I could fit into the track. The snares and main melody are the only two sounds which didn’t come from the kitchen, but both were still drenched in varying layers of distortion and effects so they could be an equal level of intensity as the other parts”

Nailbreaker is a digital hardcore artist based in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Fusing elements of harsh noise, rap, industrial and punk, the project takes distortion-drenched beats and existential lyrics to create a musical assault on the ears. Since late 2018, Nailbreaker has released two EPs, a megamix, and several singles, as well as playing up and down the country in performances which have often ended in broken equipment and spilled blood.

Listen to 'Colder':



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