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New Release: NAILBREAKER - 'I Will Personally Be Responsible for the Death of Elon Musk'

Digital hardcore outfit, NAILBREAKER release new single ‘I Will Personally Be Responsible for the Death of Elon Musk’ through Beth Shalom Records. This eerie, menacing, industrial track expresses contempt towards the new wave of crypto-obsessed tech-bros, whose main motivation in life appears to be pushing capitalism to become more of a dystopian hellscape than the one we’re already living in.

“The prioritisation of new technological developments which benefit no-one but the few billionaires with control, at the expense of the planet and the working classes, has created a new culture which treats colonial tech-moguls such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos as paragons of virtue - “benevolent” leaders who have been so kind to bless us with novelties to make life as a consumer more convenient, whilst stripping the workers responsible for producing these products of basic human rights and resources.”

Check out the track here:

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