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NEW RELEASE: Vivi Hu - 'Vivi, Hu?'

Vivi Hu is an Asian American pop singer-songwriter based in New York. Vivi Hu combines traditional Chinese instruments with jazz, R&B, soul, and Mandarin pop influences, giving her artistry a unique edge. Her songs thematically explore her experience of immigrating to the US from China, regaining her identity, and pursuing her musical career.

Now returning with a beautiful bedroom-pop gem, she has released self-titled track 'Vivi-Hu?'

A song of self-acceptance and self-belief, the track tells Vivi Hu's story of embracing her inner confidence and disregarding the negativity of those around her.

The lyrics are inspired by Vivi’s Chinese first name “雪薇(Xuewei), meaning “snow” and ”rose.” The track reflects how even in cold and harsh circumstances, you're still able to blossom.

Watch the animated visualiser below:



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