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New York Artist Theresa Releases Uplifting and Empowering Single 'Magic'

When the sun comes up and Theresa wakes up in the morning, she goes to her day job, as an advertising music executive. This is pretty normal for her, given that she’s had a long career in the music industry doing various things from roles at places like Jive Records and even Sheryl Crow’s management company. More recently, she started working as a music producer for commercials and that’s what she does now.

But since she was very young, she’s dreamt of pop stardom, writing songs from the age of 11. Due to tough experiences, she abandoned her pursuit of a career as a musical artist for many years. However, by night, Theresa is now a performer and artist! Her new single ‘Magic’ was released on the 1st July, representing her 12th single since her debut in 2019. Nope, the pandemic did not slow her down.

‘Magic’ is an uplifting track about having strength and power within you, encouraging the listener to dig deep and persevere through hard times. Theresa delivers the song with powerful, Gaga-esque vocals on top of a strong dance-pop beat.

She says: “I wanted to BE Madonna when I was younger. It really wasn’t about her sex appeal. I just loved her style and her story. I loved seeing what she was going to do next. And I loved that she did it ALL. She wrote, she sang, she acted. And she still does it on her terms.”



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